About us

onas mEurowkret has been established since 1980, we produce; screws, bolts, rivets, most types of connecters and other similar products. Our clients come from the Furniture, Electro-technical, Motorization and Bulding Industries. 


For many years our main specialisation has been to provide screws and connecters to the furniture industry. Manufacturing our products for the furniture industry is still a large part of our production today! Our advanteges: 


  • Fast product turnaround, from order to delivery 
  • The highest quality product 
  • A highly flexible manufacturing process. 

At Eurowkret we have the ability to meet individual client's needs; we pride ourselves on; producting screws and fastenings to the customers' unique specifications. Due to our expertise in the fasteners industy we are able to privde the best advice and solutions for the most difficult connecting issues. 


onas2 mWe always ensure that standard products are available for our customers, by creating large stock quantities of these products. 


This enables us to execute orders on the same day, in turn freeing our production line for specialist orders. Due to this we can turn around unique specialist orders within 10 days. 



Our factory consists of 4800m2 of some of the most modern production machines. All of our products ale produced to full ISO standards. 

We hope that the information above will help you in your decision in buying our products. Please take your time to browse throght our catalogue, all technical product pecifications are provided for your convenience.